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Current Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Forecast - Spring, 2014

Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo caught in Cabo San Lucas
Marlin, marlin, marlin, marlin... and a whole bunch more! Early 2014 into Spring clients are having a BLAST!!

CABO FISHING REPORT: April, 22nd, 2014

First, accept our apologies for not posting a fresh fish report... for months!! Now, you might think that we're just taking extra long siestas here in Cabo, an acceptable excuse when you're here in paradise. Truth be told, we weren't being lazy... we've been BUSY!!
Normally, we'd gather up a few weeks of fishing data, talk to a mess of other captains and crews getting recon on where they've been and what bit, listening hard to radio chatter.... all manner of fact finding about what's what with the current fishery. And, all that stuff would end up being a few short paragraphs about a "meh" bite wrapped up with optimistic eyes predicting terrific Spring and Summer fishing in Los Cabos. Not this year. Not February, March and April of 2014. No sir, this has been a pleasantly different, incredibly active early fishing season. Now we've put on our polarized, high-def, crystal clear hyper-optimism glasses and we like what we see for the future. Thing is, it looks the same without those "damn I hope its going to be a great year"
glasses on. Optimism has quickly shifted to realism. Fishing in Cabo is great and it's only going to get better!

The fish that's taking center stage is the acrobatic Striped Marlin. This billfish may not be the biggest in the species, but they often run in packs and when they're hungry, they attack, attack, attack! We should'nt be writing about a great striper bite in March or April, but we are. What's even more amazing, we wrote about a great striper bite in January and February, too! They simply never left our waters. Why? It's been warm, both air and water. It's been clear, both air and water. There's been bait while storms nor winds of significance have come thru to screw it all up. Yep, this is fisherman's weather and an angler's dream. Not only are we catching Marlin, we're getting a few Sailfish, bigger and bigger Dorado (though not a heck of alot), the occasional Wahoo and really late season Sierra
. Heck, even yellowtail are still around. Toss in an active deep drop fishery for snapper of all kind and a quickly improving Roosterfish bite and Cabo is truly the place to be to put a bend in your rod.

So, the fishing is in all reality what we've come to expect come the arrival of Summer. Only it's not Summer. It's Spring, it's only April. This shouldn't be happening. But don't tell the fish, we like it just like it is. You'll like it, too! Book your Cabo fishing trip today!

Cabo fish report pics from March 15, 2013
March 15th brought us birthday boy Maverick Montes and his dad, Michael. The two had gone out fishing a couple of days earlier on a panga trip but didn't do so well. Dad wanted his boy to have a great birthday so he got in touch with us and booked a trip. Lo' and behold, Maverick's birthday present came with a limit of tuna by 9:00am. Here's what his dad had to say... "Many thanks to the capt. and first mate of the El Bandito...Today they made my boy's birthday present come true...We caught a Mexican limit of Yellow Fin Tuna and we both had a blast....We were limited by 9 a.m....It was awesome....The first mate made us some fresh Sashimi for the ride in too.....If you are looking for a great boat with an awesome crew at a spectacular price in Cabo this is the boat....Thank you El Bandito!!" Nothing makes us happier than making our clients happy. Thanks for the good words Michael and thanks for being one heck of a fisherman, Maverick!! The fishing is good, the weather is great! Book a fishing charter now
while days are still available.

Hot striped marlin fishing will continue with the chances of hooking up with multiple marlin going from a strong possibility to a likely scenario.With what we've seen with striped marlin never moving out, it won't be long before the big girls show up... blue and black marlin! Water temps are ranging from 71-74 degrees on the Pacific side to as high as 76 in the Sea of Cortez up around the Gordo Banks. Inshore still producing late season Sierra and Yellowtail though that's thinned. Roosterfish are starting to appear way early so hugging the coast will still make for a lot of fishing fun. Dorado are getting bigger in greater numbers and tuna, big ones, are starting to show. What's the forecast for Cabo fishing? Good, Great, Unbelievable!!
Yellowfin Tuna, Cabo San Lucas Tuna, tuna, tuna.....
Everyone wants tuna... and while they might not be here in big numbers, big in size indeed are. In late March, a 265+ tuna came in for a couple of pangeros out of San Jose del Cabo and both charter and private boats have taken fish well over 100 since. Way early for them to be here... we like it!!

Seasonal Fishing Chart for Cabo San Lucas - The Best Times of the Year to Fish Southern Baja

Everyone wants to know when the best time to fish Cabo San Lucas is. Well, pretty much all year long! While certain times of the year tend to be better for certain species than others, there really isn't a bad time to come fish here. The chart below gives you a quick reference to the best fishing times in Cabo based on historical data. Unless you've fished here before, you can't begin to imagine the volume of fish that call our waters home and even the "spotty, slow action" months equal or surpass most other places on earth when it comes to fishing action.

Blue Marlin                        
Black Marlin                        
Striped Marlin                        
Sierra Mackerel                        
LEGEND Spotty, Slow Action Fair, Bite Coming On Good, Consistent Bite Excellent, Red Hot

Tips on Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Many of you that visit this site have already experienced what fishing in Cabo is all about. But many of you are first-timers who don't really know what to expect and have a boatload of questions regarding what you should bring with you and what type of fishing you'll be doing. So, let's give you a quick lesson.

First, while it's nice to have your own gear, it's not necessary with RedHot Sportfishing. Why? Because we carry a full compliment of fishing gear – from light-tackle inshore rods and reels to heavy-duty offshore tournament-grade set-ups. Add in the fact that we only use top-quality products from Penn, Shimano and other top brands and you can save yourself the hassle of carrying rod tubes and tackle bags through the airport because we already have what you need on the boat. If you have a few favorite lures, bring 'em, but then again we have dozens aboard El Bandito and we're constantly picking up new proven performers.

Second, you don't need to be a seasoned angler to fish with us. If you are, that's great... your trip with us will be that much better. But if you're new to saltwater fishing, or new to Southern Baja fishing, our crew will teach you how to catch fish. The best advice we can give you is to let our crew know what you'd like to catch and if those fish are around, they'll concentrate on getting you on them. But we can't stress the importance of being flexible. In other words, even though the crew on El Bandito will work very hard trying to get you the fish you want, it's just good fishing sense to be prepared to take advantage of what presents itself when on the water. You may want Tuna but don't just motor past feeding Marlin to go find them. You may want to catch and release your first Marlin, but don't forget that trolling for Dorado and Wahoo often results in catching not only those species, but Marlin as well. The key is to take full advantage of what presents itself.... some of the best days fishing for Tuna ended up being a Marlin and Dorado bite that goes down in the books as wide-open and epic. We're here to help you have that day. Make your dream of epic days on the water a reality. Choose RedHot Sportfishing.... Cabo San Lucas Charter Fishing at its finest!
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